Saturday, 10 November 2012

Two's Company

Gundulf from Betfair Football Trading - the highs and the lows posted the other day about making a mistake. He'd left a keep bet in-play and forgot about it, allowing it to be gobbled-up by some lucky punter.

Silly man, I said to myself. Glad I didn't do anything so foolish.

Right, so we move onto yesterday's trading. I couldn't really make up my mind about what approach I wanted to take as nothing really stood out for me. So, I decided to just settle for scalping last night. Things started off slowly, but I slowly built-up an okay figure for the evening and then decided to call it a day. A profit for the evening of about £74. Not exactly earth-shattering, but a profit is a profit.

When all the markets had settled, I went to update my P/L spreadsheet... and found this:

Football: -£126.31 | Tote: |  Total P&L:  -£126.31  

Football Showing 1 - 8 of 8 markets 

Market Start time Settled date Profit/loss (£) 
Football / Middlesbrough v Sheff Wed : Correct Score 09-Nov-12 19:45  09-Nov-12 21:40  34.14 
Football / Mainz v Nurnberg : Match Odds 09-Nov-12 19:30  09-Nov-12 21:31  -10.00 
Football / Middlesbrough v Sheff Wed : Over/Under 3.5 Goals 09-Nov-12 19:45  09-Nov-12 21:23  3.53 
Football / Middlesbrough v Sheff Wed : Over/Under 2.5 Goals 09-Nov-12 19:45  09-Nov-12 21:06  -179.73 
Football / Mainz v Nurnberg : Over/Under 2.5 Goals 09-Nov-12 19:30  09-Nov-12 20:21  6.18 
Football / FC Koln v Duisburg : Correct Score 09-Nov-12 17:00  09-Nov-12 18:55  14.38 
Football / Erzgebirge v Braunschweig : Over/Under 2.5 Goals 09-Nov-12 17:00  09-Nov-12 18:49  2.16 
Football / Erzgebirge v Braunschweig : Over/Under 1.5 Goals 09-Nov-12 17:00  09-Nov-12 18:28  3.03 

Erm, sorry? What is that all about? I made money, not lost money.

I have to say I was a bit flabbergasted. How can my profit be a loss? I tried to retrace my steps, and even now am not totally sure what I did - but after working out what had happened, I suspect that I inadvertently placed an order into the 2.5 market thinking it was the 3.5 market and then duly forgot about it.

Oh dear. School boy error.

The funny thing is I don't really feel too bad about this loss. It's not as if I made a bad trading decision. This was just a silly mistake, pure and simple. It's also a combination of events that I cannot see happening again.

Those, of course, are famous last words.


  1. Hi.
    Can I ask what software are you using? A similar thing happened to me today, even though I'm pretty sure my software was showing an all green screen when I closed the market in question. Then when I checked my P/L at the end of the day.. BAM! An 88€ loss in a single match, which to me is A LOT! Worst thing is I cannot fathom what the heck happened, so I can only think of a software failure of some kind.. Of course it could be that I'm growing blind! Maybe I should start recording my sessions.. I'm using Fairbot btw. Shit I'm really pissed off! Sorry for the rant.

  2. No need to apologise, Harry

    I use Betangel, which I've used for quite a few years now. So I can't blame a lack of knowledge or the software in general. The loss was just too specific, and I was able to trace the precise moment I stupidly placed (or misplaced) my order.

    Bad luck to you, but I suppose every trader will make a few mistakes along the way.


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