Monday, 5 November 2012

Monkey Chanting

According to The Sun newspaper, the police have arrested the man who directed monkey chants towards Danny Welbeck in the Chelsea match last week.

The guy who did it is obviously a moron but I don't really want to talk about him at any length. Football will be a better place when that type of person is forced to stop attending football matches. The match is supposed to be entertainment and nothing more. Violence was a thing of the seventies and eighties, of which I saw my own share, and it's not something we want to allow back in to the game - in any form.

But perhaps just the smallest bit of perspective is required here. Chelsea football club announced last week that they were "investigating the situation" to try and find the culprit. I was a bit surprised when I heard that, but fair enough. That's up to them. If they want to spend their money and resources on trying to find this little wanker then that's their business. They're a private company and they can do what they want.

However, when I heard the police were also investigating the incident, I sat up and took notice. What? The police? I'm sorry, but was someone robbed? Did someone die? Did some kind of assault take place?

Erm, no. Some prat made a gesture.

Come on. Please. Are we really going to start wasting public money on this sort of shit now? Aren't there any real crimes left to investigate? I don't personally know Danny Welbeck, but he looks like a grown-up to me. I'm sure he's not going to shrivel-up and die because someone has called him a name or made a childish gesture towards him. Welbeck doesn't know this tosser in the crowd and I'm sure the affect is no worse than a fly landing on his shoulder. Why should he be affected by someone who means absolutely nothing to him?

Well, we can't and shouldn't tolerate racism in any form, some might say. It's a slippery slope.

Yes, okay. I'm not suggest we tolerate it. Just ban the little turd and that be the end of it? What the hell are the police doing wasting their time (and our money) on this sort of nonsense.

I'm sorry. I just don't get it.


  1. i fully agree with you mate..... i thought it was ridiculous with the whole terry incident and how it went to court! before that happened i had no idea you could sue someone for a single act of verbal racism. the F.A. should have stepped in immediate and slapped terry with a ban, they don't waste time handing out silly punishments when a ref is criticized! that whole terry saga made EPL look a joke.

  2. Prosecution will tell this person that his racist behaviour is entirely unacceptable to the majority in society, it is how we set and enforce acceptable behaviour.

  3. you've gone and done it now - the thought police will be all over you


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