Tuesday, 13 November 2012

500 to 5000... to 0

There seems to be two main pitfalls lying in wait for us blogging type people. The first one is really the same pitfall that any bettor faces  (whether they happen to be blogging about their progress and betting thoughts or not), whilst the second one is completely blogging-related.

Number one pitfall is that we will fail as bettors or traders. Now there are people failing to master betting or trading everyday, of course, but perhaps if you're also blogging about your activity, the failure is just that bit more ignominious. This is a public failure for all those regular readers (which admittedly is often not that many) to see.

Number two pitfall is writer's block, running out of ideas or just getting plain bored with blogging. There are a lot of bloggers (and I include myself here), who start out with a rush of enthusiasm and post an entry everyday - and sometimes even more than that. They have so many things they want to discuss, so many ideas, that they're virtually bursting at the seams. Some bloggers, however, soon start to falter. The ideas thin-out, the enthusiasm wanes, the posts begin to appear less frequently.

Often, there is a large pause between entries, followed by a couple of entries posted-up with an accompanying apology. Later, there is an admission of defeat and a goodbye post.

From what I've seen so far, 18 months seems to be a key time. Many apparently give-up around this time - whilst those who can break through this barrier seem to go on from strength to strength.

The reason I'm waffling on about this is because another blog has hit the dirt today. 500 to 5000 has decided to hang-up his keyboard after saying he's lost too much money (pitfall number one). I can't say that I read his blog on any regular basis - mainly because each entry was very terse and there didn't seem to be a great deal of content.

But, this was a fellow blogger, and as a member of our little community, his blog added to the diversity. For that reason, I'm sorry to see him go.

I suppose him shuffling off into the distance also shines a light on my own little blog. I'm coming up to one year's worth of entries on here, and so do want to ensure that I continue on through the 18-month barrier and beyond. I feel that I've still quite a number of interesting entries up my sleeve that I haven't laid out for you yet. I also still really enjoy my blogging and like to touch base with you all out there from time to time. I know that I will never be as prolific as someone like Cassini, but then again who is?

So, it's another one down, but this one rolls on. And any new blogs that start up? Well, you're very welcome. The more the merrier.


  1. Amazing how that Cassini keeps on going, with fascinating posts, invaluable advice whilst at the same time staying modest and darned amusing.

    Cass.. I mean - Derek

  2. Are you on twitter?

  3. Cassini is just a master of the cut and paste never too much original content other than patting himself on the back to be fair. Although I have noticed now he's charging he likes to mention super PC every other post and stick in the odd cherry picked screenshots as often as possible like all the other leeches in this 'profession'.

    As for 500 to 5000 he was always due to fail , he just didn't seem to have a clue and was continually making excuses. Probably easy to think up stuff to write once you start up or if things are going OK but once those losses come in and you've no positive pnl's to fill the page things go downhill quickly. You only need to look at most peoples blogrolls to see a long list of blogs who haven't posted in months.

    In the old days for every blog that quit another couple would appear, sadly these days that doesn't seem to be the case and bloggers are thin on the ground. Just have to hope the likes of 500 to 5000 come back with a new name like the majority of the failures do.

  4. In order to keep some sort of status quo in the betting blog world I've decided to have a resurrection and restart my old blog. Hopefully I can fill that niche market left by 500 to 5000.

  5. A great post.

    One of the things that I find difficult is that although I track readership of the blog very few people bother to leave comments. Is this becasue they cant be bothered or just hate the blog? I'll never know and its annoying.I've just checked and Ive been blogging for 2 years now and cant really say whether its a good reads or not based on comments...

    Keep up the good work- yours is a belter.

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  7. I always read your words of wisdom, geoff! Cassini's and Eddie's as well plus a number of others. Commenting, of course, is optional though I must admit there are times when it feels as if absolutely no one is reading one's hard thought words.

    Good luck to bettingblogsexposed. The concept of showing up good and bad, naming and shaming if you like, always appeals to the baser human instincts! I'm always a little supsicious of blogs showing nothing but screenshots of green all over horse races showing impressive figures. Perhaps he'll be able to weed those out? ;-)


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