Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Blog On!

Quite a few comments from my last post. First, we have this shy, self-deprecating and timid comment from Signor Cassini:

Cassini14 November 2012 06:34
Amazing how that Cassini keeps on going, with fascinating posts, invaluable advice whilst at the same time staying modest and darned amusing.

Hmm, yes, quite. A comment obviously made in jest, but strangely it doesn't sound tongue-in-cheek. I wonder why that should be?

Personally, I do enjoy Cassini's blog. He waffles on a little bit too much about American sports (which, as we all know, are not really sports at all), and he should perhaps move his little friendly tipster league reports off somewhere else as I can't see them interesting anyone but the individuals involved. But besides these minor gripes, there is a lot of content there; Cassini is eloquent, writes well and covers a broad spectrum of subjects. For my money, one of the best out there.

What I've just said, however, flies in the face of this comment:

Anonymous14 November 2012 12:51
Cassini is just a master of the cut and paste never too much original content other than patting himself on the back to be fair. Although I have noticed now he's charging he likes to mention super PC every other post and stick in the odd cherry picked screenshots as often as possible like all the other leeches in this 'profession'.

As for 500 to 5000 he was always due to fail , he just didn't seem to have a clue and was continually making excuses. Probably easy to think up stuff to write once you start up or if things are going OK but once those losses come in and you've no positive pnl's to fill the page things go downhill quickly. You only need to look at most peoples blogrolls to see a long list of blogs who haven't posted in months.

In the old days for every blog that quit another couple would appear, sadly these days that doesn't seem to be the case and bloggers are thin on the ground. Just have to hope the likes of 500 to 5000 come back with a new name like the majority of the failures do.

I do think the comments on Cassini are harsh. If those of us who presently are not caught by the Super Charge suddenly found themselves facing it, I'm sure we'd all be as concentrated on it as he is. It's not exactly an easy thing to forget.

Anyway, on the loss of the 500 to 5000 blogger, we have a solution in the shape of Betting Blogs Exposed. Not too sure what he intends to expose, or thinks he's going to expose, but good luck to him

bettingblogsexposed14 November 2012 17:09
In order to keep some sort of status quo in the betting blog world I've decided to have a resurrection and restart my old blog. Hopefully I can fill that niche market left by 500 to 5000.

Finally, a nice comment from Geoff at

geoff14 November 2012 18:50
A great post.

One of the things that I find difficult is that although I track readership of the blog very few people bother to leave comments. Is this becasue they cant be bothered or just hate the blog? I'll never know and its annoying.I've just checked and Ive been blogging for 2 years now and cant really say whether its a good reads or not based on comments...

Keep up the good work- yours is a belter.

Thank you for the compliment. I like Geoff's blog. I was talking about content before, and there's lots to be had on Geoff's. 

He wonders about the lack of comments. I don't know what the answer is, but the only thing I can say from my perspective is that I tend not to comment on blogs where an email is asked for. I never understand what that is all about. The email request may not be a required item, and even if it is can easily be got around - but it is off-putting. My advice is to ditch asking for the email of commenters entirely. My suspicion is that that the number of comments you receive will increase.


  1. Couldn't agree more about the lack of comments, only just looked at Geoff's blog and it looks like many of the other blogs set up to rake in referral cash. Having to log in always puts people off commenting and those having comments moderated may as well write their own comments :)

    I think as soon as you go down the route of open blogging you have to accept the good and bad comments regardless, sure delete the offensive or malicious posts but so many bloggers like to fudge things so their comments are as green as their pretend pnl's

  2. Hi Anon

    Not sure I entirely agree with this comment

    "only just looked at Geoff's blog and it looks like many of the other blogs set up to rake in referral cash."

    Its hardly covered in ads?!

    Hey but at least you've left a comment.

    Agree about the needing to leave an email part- wonder if it can be turned off.

    Incidentally I post all comments recieved unless they are spam /racist /or downright offensive...

  3. I'd also agree with Geoff here. Doesn't look like a net just to catch referrals in. As mentioned, it's a decent, well-written blog and, as one of the more well-established, definitely worth a regular visit.

    Keep it up, Geoff.

  4. To be fair to anon, your blog does seem to be littered with ads, geoff and not the easiest to navigate either. Looked at the last three posts and they just had random lines advising me to visit with no relevance to the rest of the text, a page full of bookie adverts and lastly trying to get me to visit :)

    No idea if those last posts are representative of the blog but can see why anon would comment as he did. Good to see you allow all comments though. Maybe if I can be bothered I'll check out which blogs actually allow comments , even the slightly negative comments to see light of day. I know form some of my past posting to blogs plenty won't allow anything even slightly critical to see the light of day. Things like that have got to put people off posting to blogs especially once you've spent time to get your point across only for it to be deleted. I've had a blogger blog in the past so know it's nothing more than ticking a box to allow a post, seems some would prefer to keep control of comments as well as blog posts.


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